With the UK in lockdown, it has been the perfect time to put our award winning Ocarro pushchair through it’s paces. From being able to tackle any terrain, to having a large hood to protect baby from those harmful sun rays, to the famous one hand fold. Our Ocarro pushchair really does tick every box. Read Ali Buckley’s Ocarro Pushchair Review below.

When you have your second baby they do not get showered with newness like your first baby. In fact they get a lot of hand-me-downs. We didnʼt get a nice shiny pushchair for the newborn days with our second son. Instead we used our old single pushchair, bought a second hand double pushchair and used the slings A LOT.

But as the eldest child has outgrown needing a pushchair to be ferried around in, it was time that child number two got a swanky new upgrade. We knew we wanted something that would last him well into toddler-hood, and we wanted something practical and stylish. He totally deserved a gorgeous new pushchair. When Mamas & Papas offered us an Ocarro to test drive and review, we were delighted.

My only reservation I had about the Ocarro was that it was four wheels and having only used a three wheel pushchair for 3.5 years. I was unsure if that would work for me. We go on a lot of walks in the country side, and I need our pushchair to be able to handle off road paths. We also do lots of trips into our local town, and need to be able to have something that is nippy on the pavements too.

Another feature on the Ocarro which is a complete game changer, is it being suitable from birth, and being able to have options like a carry cot! We might have a third baby (donʼt tell my husband) and this will mean we can utilise this feature in the future with baby number three, which is amazing.

We chose the Cashmere Ocarro with the chrome chassis from the signature range. My husband jokes that I choose all things in this colour, but I love it. I prefer lighter colours to black, and the chrome makes it look more ‘fancyʼ in my opinion. The colour will be forgiving enough that if it gets a little dirty with long term use it won’t show up too much.

Another feature that I was really excited about was the leg support. My boys are long, they need to be comfy and a lot of pushchairs come up short in this area. The leg support on the Ocarro looks perfect for bent legs (so sitting up and looking around) and also, laid down for naps or ‘chillingʼ.

The last big feature that we are so so so excited about is the one hand fold. I can tell you from the bottom of my heart this is the biggest parent win ever. Having had two children and four pushchairs to date and the fact that I can fold this pushchair with one hand and put it in my car is HUGE. Before you become a parent you wouldn’t even think things like this would excite you as much as they do. But now, this is everything.

The Review

Tested on walks out and about during lockdown 2020.

We received this the day lockdown started. So I can tell you we have used it a lot more for country walks, or walks from the house out and about than we have for in-and-out of the car, or walking around town etc. But I still think we have put it through its paces, and I already get excited to use it. (You know you are a parent in lockdown when getting excited to use the new pushchair is the highlight of your day.)

Firstly I love the colour! It is just as I wanted. It’s warmer than grey, and more cosy looking, but dark enough that it will ‘wearʼ well. The other aesthetics are gorgeous too, chrome chassis; that looks really expensive. Tan leather; handle and seat bar.

My husband assembled the Ocarro in less than 15 minutes and we were good to go. Because Marlow is 1, we have it world facing. However you can easily change it around so it is parent facing.

The Ocarro is one of the easiest pushchairs to ‘get-to-knowʼ as well. Everything is really obvious, like where you adjust hoods, and handles and foot rests etc. I like stuff like that,. You know if Nana borrows it she will be able to get on with it too.

We let Marlow have some comfort for his first ride and put the leg position into a fairly flat position. He loved it, he is used to being crammed into the bottom of a double pushchair. He looked like a total king riding high looking all around.

The real test came when we left the ease of the pavement and got onto the gravel track. I was worried it would be too bumpy. I know it is marketed as all-terrain, but having had three wheelers for so long I wondered if it could handle it. The Ocarro had no problems at all. It is really light to push and sailed down our usual footpaths. The front wheels have a lock so that you can go in a straight line on a pavement easier. But you can also put them on swivel and that means they can deal with the uneven ground just fine.

The basket is HUGE, I can’t wait to take it on one of my days out in town. I always end up buying loads of little bits and bobs, as well as always taking pack lunch etc. I try to go out without a changing bag, and this basket is going to mean I can chuck it all in there which is fantastic.

The Ocarro hood is a winner, its massive. It also has added extras like the mesh material which is perfect for the summer! I love a decent sized hood. In the past have made the mistake of buying two pushchairs with short hoods and its really annoying. Large hoods are great for protection from the sun, and getting baby to have a good long nap (while you enjoy a coffee in peace.)

Handle height is also decent, my husband is 6ʼ3” and needs a nice long handle otherwise his back hurts. He didn’t complain once, so a happy husband equals a happy wife.

Lastly the Ocarrosʼs iconic ONE HANDED FOLD. It doesn’t disappoint, it’s so much fun learning to do it. It almost feels weird to begin with because you think it should be harder than it is, but it just works so well. I’m not a total pro at it yet (blame lockdown), but I know once lockdown is over and Iʼm putting the pushchair in-and-out of my car twice a day most days and I will be lightning fast. I can imagine this would also be great if you traveled abroad a lot or if you lived in flats and you needed to carry the pushchair a lot. It really is a system that just works perfectly, I feel like I’m a bit of a pushchair expert now.

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All in all the Ocarro pushchair is wonderful. For a luxury, high end all-round pushchair. I can’t recommend it enough. I think it competes with the other pushchairs in its price range and I would recommend it to anyone. We are so proud to have it and can’t wait for it to become part of the family.

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