Life is for living and when you’ve got a little one, there’s a new adventure around every corner. That’s where our Armadillo pushchair comes in. The Armadillo’s design makes everyday trips easy, convenient and fun, without impacting on baby’s comfort. Read Katerina Finnie’s Armadillo Stroller Review below!

If you are looking for a pushchair that you can take with you on  your holiday, the Armadillo will be your perfect companion! This one piece pushchair weighs just around nine kilos and has everything that you need to keep your little one comfortable. It’s wide and spacious and the large UPF 50+ hood extends fully and protects against harmful sun rays and rainy days. 

Pulling the hood all the way down creates an “armadillo” like shape. This offers a cosy space for your baby to sleep in with no distractions. This has been a lifesaver particularly when travelling through a busy airport with all the lights and sounds around. It also has an inbuilt peek in window so you can always keep an eye on your baby. The lie back seat is fantastic and ensures the best sleeping position for your child. You can easily  take the Armadillo on a plane, train, bus or even fit it in a mini!  Lockable wheels ensure safer steering for your peace of mind. Folding the pushchair with a baby or luggage in your arms is a piece of cake. This is all because of the Armadillo’s famous one hand fold.

The Armadillo comes with a rain cover and a cup holder. It is a fantastic travel companion that comes in a range of colours so everyone can find their “special one” . 

We took the Armadillo with us on a holiday to the Scottish Highlands. We even took it on a sandy beach! The pushchair was light to carry over the dunes, but robust enough to withstand the unforgiving sharp wind. Although it’s challenging to get my baby to sleep at best of times, being able to pull the hood down fully made Harris feel safe and secure. He was able to relax and fall asleep easily.

Finally, one of the best features has to be the basket. It can fit a big changing bag and a bag of shopping. The dream. If you like to travel in style but don’t want to compromise on comfort and looks, I would highly recommend purchasing the Armadillo pushchair.  

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