International Women’s Day is about celebrating every woman, from those that pave the way for global change to those that stay at home and raise the women (and men) of the future; today is your day. A day to celebrate you and the amazing women in your life. This international women’s day I want to write a letter to the mother; the first time mother, the single mother, the young mother, the disabled mother, the mothers without a mother, the twin mother, the depressed mother, the lonely mother, every mother.

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Dear Mother,

You are strong, stronger than you know you are. You can simultaneously look after small children and a home on less than 4 hours sleep. Strength isn’t about lifting weights or winning in an arm wrestling contest; strength is being able to hang in there, when everything around you is crumbling and show up to the world, for your children.

You are kind, kinder than you think you are. You can wash, feed and care for a tiny human whilst you walk around in maternity leggings and a mum bun. Kindness isn’t about grand gestures and donating all your money to good causes; kindness is giving your time and energy to your children when you barely have the time to brush your teeth.

You are loving, more loving that you think you are. You show love even when all you get in return is a little person throwing the food you cooked all over the floor. Love isn’t about showering children with everything they want; love is about meeting their needs before your own.

You are fierce, fiercer than you know you are. You have the ability to stand up to anyone when you know your child needs something. Being fierce isn’t about being confident and shouting at people; being fierce is about knowing when your child needs to be heard.

You are resilient, more resilient than you know you are. You have given birth to a tiny person that you grew for nine months and somehow you manage to adapt to their sudden presence. Resilience isn’t about being able to survive in the wild for 90 days. Resilience is being able to adapt to an ever changing babies needs.

You are empowering, more empowering than you know you are. Even when you don’t have the answers yourself you will share your knowledge with new mums that you meet. Empowerment isn’t about standing up and marching through the streets. Empowerment is about letting a new mum know that she is doing exactly what she should be doing.

You are creative, more creative than you know you are. You can create a nutritionally balanced meal from leftovers and find something as a toy substitute in any environment. Creativity isn’t about being good at painting. Creativity is making do when you have ran out of wipes or forgotten to take a bib out with you.

You are inspiring, more inspiring than you know you are. You can undertake almost any task with one hand. Being inspiring isn’t about being the best at something or having the most knowledge about something. Being inspiring is about managing the day to day on half the sleep that is needed.

You are empathetic, more empathetic than you know you are. You try to uplift and inspire other mums even when you need uplifting yourself. Empathy isn’t about spending all your spare time doing charity work. Empathy is being able to help other mums even when they get more sleep than you.

So mother, let me tell you something. Even when you don’t feel it; you are strong, kind, loving, fierce, resilient, empowering, creative, inspiring and empathetic. Never underestimate the power of a mama!

Love from,
every other mother xxx

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  • International Womens Day_1

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