Stuck for some shopping inspiration? Have no fear! We’ve pulled together a list of our favourite gift ideas this Christmas. Whether you’re looking for a stylish outfit for the festive season or the perfect Christmas present for your little one, we’ve got you covered.

Christmas, the saying goes, is a time for giving. Often the most exciting thing is seeing the look on a person’s face when they open their gifts. But what’s less exciting, are the weeks leading up to that, as you frantically try figuring out what the perfect present looks like. You pop in and out of stores, seemingly at random, no clue if you’re closer to the answer.

Well, now we can help. We’ve pulled together a top ten list of Christmas gift ideas. Presents perfect for new mums, grandparents and little ones too, they’re all here. You just need to narrow it down.

Good luck…

Christmas Gift Ideas: Baby’s First Christmas

In many ways, that first Christmas feels like the most important one. Even though a little one is still too young to take everything in, it’s a great chance to make a start on festive traditions they can relive each year, so if you’re buying gifts for baby’s first Christmas, we have a few ideas…

Image of a Christmas gift hamper

Build Your Own Gift Hamper

If you’re looking for a selection of gifts to give this Christmas, then why not try our new Build Your Own Gift Hamper service. Only available in store, it’s a great chance to see the products up close and select your favourite items. Get a hamper basket and gift wrap from just £10, then choose the items you want to fill it with.

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My First Christmas Bauble

Christmas decorations are a great way to bring little ones into the festive season. Even if they’re only tiny, they’re sure to enjoy seeing those Christmas lights and that twinkling tinsel. So start their first Christmas with a keepsake they can return to year after year. Our My First Christmas Baubles are a great first gift idea.

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Christmas Gift Ideas: Jumpers

Christmas Jumpers are always popular. Not only are they cosy and warm but they keep the festive cheer going long after the big day.

Snowman Jumper

Our Snowman Jumper is an ideal gift for Christmas. It showcases a stunning design that can’t help but bring a smile to your little one’s face. With a frosty friend they can display and some festive fairy lights, they’re sure to love it.

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Polar Bear Jumper

Create a little Artic wonder with our Polar Bear Jumper. It’s an adorable design that you’ll wish you had yourself, but that just means that little ones are sure to fall in love with their adorable polar pal. Made with 100% cotton, it’s super soft and cosy too!

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Christmas Gift Ideas: Santa Sacks

Giving gifts is one thing, transporting them is quite another. After all Santa wouldn’t be the man he is without his trusty sack. But the real trick is in making the sack a present too. With our stunning Santa sacks you can be sure that each Christmas morning, little ones wake up to a familiar sight.

Santa Toy Supersize Sack

Is there anything more exciting than those first few moments on Christmas morning, walking to the Christmas tree to see if Santa’s been? What better way to know you’ve had a visit from the big man than with your very own Santa-branded sack. The playful Santa design features illustrated elements and soft faux-fur detailing for a festive sight perfect for first thing in the morning.

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Treasured Christmas Supersize Sack

Our Treasured Christmas Santa Sack is perfect if you like your Christmas traditions subtle and stunning. With a gorgeous Polar Bear design and super soft faux-fur detailing, it’s a gorgeous way to display gifts. What’s more, it’s supersize, so there’s plenty of space for all those goodies.

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Christmas Gift Ideas: For Mum

A first Christmas isn’t just important for the baby. If anything, it’s more important for parents, especially mum. So we’ve picked a couple of gifts that are perfect for that new mum or mum-to-be in your life.

Always Love You Record Book

Every new parent wants to be able to mark all those important milestones and with our Always Love You Record Book, they can. Full of lots of hidden pockets and spaces for noting down memories and saving keepsakes, this record book is perfect for any parent. It’s full of adorable illustrations of baby’s first friends.

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Rose Gold Trinket Box

Baby’s life is filled with moments a parent wants to treasure forever, and along the way they find key trinkets they’ll want to return to in years to come. Our Rose Gold Trinket Box is a great way to treasure those keepsakes for every. The stunning rose gold design comes engraved with a lovely message and lined with soft grey felt. What’s more, it’s lovingly presented in a stunning gift box.

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Christmas Gift Ideas: For Grandparents

Don’t forget the Grandparents this Christmas. When all eyes will be on baby and possibly even the parents, sometimes the Grandfolks need a little love too. We’ve got some great ideas to bring them closer to baby this festive season.

Double Scan Frame

Grandparents love looking at their new grandchildren. It’s like a hobby for them. They’ve done the whole parenting thing, so now they can sit back and just take in the beauty of a baby with none of the stress. So our Double Scan Frame is a perfect gift because they can dote on their little one even when they’re not there. With space for two scan pictures and a picture of baby, they can relieve those important 9 months.

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Always Love You Imprint Kit

Babies don’t stay babies for long. That’s sort of one of the rules of babies. But you can still immortalise that little one so you never forget just how small they were. Our Imprint Kit is perfect for capturing the size of baby’s hand or foot while they’re still young. Simply press their digits into the clay and wait for it to harden. It’s a perfect gift for any grandparent as the display tin lets them keep it on show for years to come.

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