Make sure your little one is kitted out for every occasion with our range of Christmas-inspired clothing, from party-wear and Christmas jumpers to festive favourites.

As the year starts to wind down, it seems like social events wind up. With Christmas Eve, the big day itself and Boxing Day – not to mention the numerous spontaneous parties that have a tendency to pop up around this time of year – there’s always something in the calendar. And each event means the potential for a new outfit.

Thankfully, we know the importance of stocking a wardrobe full of winter essentials so that you always have an outfit for every occasion. With a range of occasionwear, casual items and festive favourites, we’re sure to have plenty of options for your little one.

Here, then, is a list of some of our favourites, pieces that will let your little one style it out this season.

Christmas Outfits for Baby: Jumpers

We all love a good Christmas Jumper. In fact, they’re so important that they even have their own day (13th December, if you’re counting down). So here are a couple of options for your little one.

Snowman Jumper

Our Snowman Jumper is just adorable. The idea of a close acquaintance who melts away once all the glitz and glamour of Christmas has passed feels a bit off, but when they’re as adorable as this chilly chap then your little one could do a lot worse than a frozen friend like this.

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Polar Bear Jumper

You can help but fall in love with these adorable bears. We think they’re so cute, we’ve put them on a jumper. Our Polar Bear Jumper has a simple yet stylish design, and if your little one is bear-mad, then this is the jumper for them.

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Christmas Outfits for Baby: Dresses

A good party needs a good party dress, and it just so happens we’ve got plenty to choose from. Here are just a couple we love…

Woven Check Dress & Tights

This two-piece set includes a stunning Woven Check Dress with a pair of tights that perfectly set the outfit off. It’s made with 100% cotton, so you know it’s going to be super soft and cosy, while the picot trim and frill detailing make it look as stunning as a freshly-wrapped present.

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Mock Tutu Skirt Dress

Every special occasion needs a bit of sparkle and we’ve got the one for you. The top half is soft and cosy and showcases star details with metallic stitching while the bottom half features a tutu-style dress with a layer of metallic mesh and soft cotton lining. It’s the perfect twinkle of Christmas magic.

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Christmas Outfits for Baby: Sleepsuits

Not everyone needs a fancy outfit for Christmas Day, sometimes it’s all about cosy comfort, especially for those very little ones. But even comfort can be Christmassy – take our Christmas Sleepsuits for example.

Winter City Sleepsuits – 3 Pack

Is there anything more beautiful than a twinkling cityscape on a chilly winter’s night? There’s something very magical about it, which is why we’ve used it as inspiration for this three-pack of sleepsuits. All Mamas & Papas Sleepsuits are made with 100% cotton and nickel-free poppers so they don’t irritate your little one’s sensitive skin. And they come with either built-in scratch mitts or non-slip feet depending on the age-range.

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Winter Floral Sleepsuits

Flowers always add a touch of beauty to anything, so that would suggest that winter florals make Christmas even more beautiful. Well, see for yourself. Our three-pack of winter floral sleepsuits are stunning. With a soft-colour palette and pops of bold pink, they make bedtimes beautiful too.

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Christmas Outfits for Baby: Pyjamas

Bedtime features heavily at Christmas. Whether it’s the excitement of the Night Before or the exhausted joy of Christmas night, your little one needs a good night’s sleep, so send them off to snooze with a little Christmassy feeling and our stunning pyjamas.

Woven Check Pyjamas

Our Woven Check Pyjamas have a touch of the Kevin McCallister about them, but rather than letting your child experience festive neglect and home booby-trapping, just settle for a pair of pyjamas that look as good as they feel. With woven cotton fabric and mock Mother of Pearl buttons, they’re as Christmassy as it comes.

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Reindeer Pyjamas

OK, so maybe these are a little more Christmassy. After all, few people see a red-nosed reindeer and think of Easter. Either way, a deer with a frost-bitten nose shouldn’t be as cute as these but that just makes them perfect for your Rudolph loving little one. Made with 100% jersey cotton, they’re super soft and the envelope neck is ideal for changing your little one quickly.

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Christmas Outfits for Baby: Hat & Mitts

If we’re talking about Christmas outfits for baby (and we are) then we couldn’t really go without mentioning hats and mitts. After all, it’s chilly times out there, so it’s best to stay wrapped up and cosy whether outside or in. So here are a few suggestions for you.

Santa Hat & Mitts Set

No doubt your little one is beyond excited for the arrival of the big man. Well, now they can embrace some of that St Nick energy with these adorable Santa-style hat & mitts. They’re made with 100% cotton so they’re super soft and cosy, which is just what you need for those chilly days. Finished off with ribbed detailing and a pom pom, they’re perfect for Christmas.

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Fawn Hat & Mitts Set

Your little dear will look extra-adorable with these super cute Fawn-style hat and mitts. They’re a perfect addition to any outfit and sure to keep your little one nice and toasty. They’re made with 100% cotton and are fully lined, so you know they’ll keep the warmth wrapped in.

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Hopefully you’ve found a few Christmas outfits for baby in and amongst our suggestions. If not, then don’t forget to check out the rest of our Christmas clothing.

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