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Little Acts of Kindness

Who would you like to say thank you to? Write your message in the envelope below

My darling husband

Thank you for standing outside the hospital for every scan, appointment and through labour just ‘being there for me by being as close as possible’ even though covid never allowed you to come in too.



What a year we’ve had, there’s no way I would’ve gotten through it without you. Thank you for being the worlds best mum. I love you always


Mum & dad

There isn’t enough words to truly thank you for everything you do for me. I’ll forever be grateful how lucky I am to have parents like you. You always go above and beyond. I love you both to the moon & back.

Doll x


For listening to me when I was reaching out and understanding when I was in a hole!


My mother in law

Thank you for being so close to us even if you were miles away! Your support during the lockdown and during the start of the pregnancy meant the world to me! I’m forever grateful! Xx

Anca Matei

Gillian d'Auriol

My 1st year as a mummy in lockdown has been so tough, especially losing my grandma at the beginning of it. My mum has been my rock this year, she has heard the tears & the rants and never fails to be there for me and my little boy.

Rachael d'Auriol


Thank you for being the best Daddy to our star! Thank you for being my rock I am so lucky to have you we love you so much x x x x x x x x x x


Ellyn smith

You’ve become a truly wonderful friend this year and it’s been the best journey with you so far watching our babies grow up together.

Alice Bolan


Thank you for being the most amazing partner supporting me through pregnancy, labour and now bringing up our little girl. You’re the best guy I know.


My Daddy

You are my hero! Thank you for being the best daddy in the world. Love you to moon & back

Lucía x

My Rock (Henry)

Thank you for being my rock through a tough year. New baby, lockdown, being away from my family. You picked me up when I was down and made me smile inside every day. You'll never know how much I love you.



Thank you for being the best in the whole world and always making sure I am warm, fed and smiling. I love you sooooo much l.

Nellie x


For starters thank you for being my rock this year.. you’ve done nothing but love & support me in such a difficult time. But most of all thank you for giving me the best present our little boy & thank you for being the best Daddy!


My Darling Daughter Lucía

Thank you for choosing me to be your mummy & giving me the best year of our lives. You are our little miracle and biggest achievement in life. You make my heart the happiest. Love you to the moon & stars my darling girl



My wonderful partner Scott, thank you for being utterly amazing we love you very much

Georgia W

Natalie Love

Thank yoh for being a wonderful daughter to me Love mumxxxx


To my heather

thank you for being a wonderful Daugher x

Love Mum x


Thank you for being the best friend, another mum and sister. Your support has helped me through early motherhood and beyond. Love you!

Sin xx

To my lovely sister

Thank you for always being there for us, thank you for teaching me on how to be a strong new mom I couldn’t do it without you. Much love

The Ngubo’s

Hassan (my best half)

It has always been so special every day since I met you for the first time...thanks for everything you do for me & for us

Your wifey Butul


Thank you for being my role model through this new motherhood phase. It's been so nice being able to go through this journey together



Your support this year has shown me what true love is. You’re the best Daddy to our little girl and I love you endlessly



Thank you for being there when our precious baby was in hospital and I wasn’t doing so well. Our 2 girls couldn’t wish for a better daddy and I couldn’t wish for a better husband Love you all the world

Sarah xxx


I am so grateful for you and the boys. Being with you and seeing the beautiful family we have created is something else. I love you all so much x



Thank you for being there through the good times and all the bad times. This year has been truly difficult but you have made it a lot easier. You’re a great big sis



Thanks for always knowing when I need you and supporting me through the toughest of times. Love you

Lisa xx

Evelyn Minnie B-W

We waited so long to get you & what a year to be born into. You’ve made it that much better & I love you so much! You’re everything I’ve ever wanted & I’m so glad you’re finally here. I love you so much! Love forever and always

Your mummy xxx


Thank you for being there for me and our beautiful baby boy, thank you for being the best daddy and for giving me the support that a new mum needs!


Dr Olumide

Thanks so much for being there for me, from pregnancy to delivery and even helping with baby. You are the best!


Alan (my lovely husband)

Many years together and lots of good times. Thank you for being their during my illnesses, others would have walked. I am so glad of you and just want to thank you with all my heart... xxxx


Richard and Asher

Richard Thank you for being my husband and my best friend too and for keeping me going through everything. Asher You complete my world, my miracle baby and we love you to infinity!



Thank you for everything you and dad do for us and the continual love and support, especially this year when we wish we could share our journey properly with you! Xxx



Thanks for being the best sister

Beck xx

Mum and dad

I love and appreciate you so much. Thank you for all of your continued support through a challenging year. Can't wait until little man meets his brilliant grandparents! x-x-x


My Children

Thank you for being yous! Love you all.

Mummy x

My beautiful son,

Thank you for being my little ray of sunshine. We’ve not had the easiest journey but you amaze me every day and I’m so proud of you. Love you forever.

Mummy xxx


Thankyou for making this year the best yet, I’m so lucky to be your mummy. Love you lots and lots xxxx


Andrew L-W

Thank you for being the best, I love you .



Thank you for being the most wonderful husband and perfect daddy to our newborn. We love you dearly.

Lisa and Sienna

My baby boy

Thank you for coming into our lives and being the amazing wee boy that you are

Mum and Papa bear K


Thank you for being there for me through the toughest year yet, lockdown, first baby will love you always and forever



Thankyou for caring for my little boy Marshall while he was in neonatal with you. And thankyou for coming to see us when your shift had finished.



Thankyou for being my world.

Lola x


Thank you for being the light in mummy & daddy’s lives. We love you so much.

Mummy & Daddy


Thanks for all your support love and kindness this year. Xxxxx



Thank you for arriving this year and making my life so much better. I love you more than you will ever know.

Mummy x


Thank you for making our lives complete, we are bursting with love for you and so happy to be Mummy & Daddy at last!!



Thank you for everything, but most of all, for just being there.


My Daughter

Thank you for making me your mummy! You bring me so much joy and I love you more than I can explain!

Mummy xxxxxxxxx


Thankyou for being there and supporting me through everything forever grateful xxx

B xxx

Warren, Harley & Hudson

Warren- I couldn’t of got through my pregnancy without you. Harley- you keep me going every day. Hudson- my lockdown baby boy. There’s no one I’d rather be with than you 3 Xxxx



For always picking me up. Because of you I laugh a lot harder and cry a lot less! You never judge and you’re always there for me and I’m forever grateful that I have you in my life.


Jack and Caleb

Thank you for always making me smile and for loving me unconditionally. And for the honour of being the one you both call mummy.

All my love Mummy xxx


My beautiful baby boy ! I love you with all my heart ! Feeling you move and kick around warms my heart! Counting down the day till I can hold you ! Not long now x

Mummy xox


Thank you for blessing me with your presence in this year of challenges. You make me proud to be a mum

Mumma x


Thank you for working around the clock to provide for us We love you



Our rock xx

Mummy and munchkin xx


Thank you for looking after me and mama so much, we know you miss us when your working but we always miss you too and look forward to you coming home xx

Your Little S

My husband Damon

The best daddy to our daughter and new baby son. We love you and everything you do for our family x x



My beautiful baby boy! I hope you know how much you are loved. I’m so proud to be your mammy. You were are my greatest achievement. My lockdown baby!

Your mammy x

Mamma S

Thank you for being the best you can be no matter how hard times get, I love you mamma!

Your little boy


Thank you for supporting me xxx


My husband

Thank you for being our hero always and forever Love N&E Xxxx


BabyZen Northampton

A wonderful array of amazing classes put together by Trudie and Chloe, letting mums chat about anything and everything and giving the best advice, we love it and so thankful for the support they offer this year!

Emily and Leo


Thank you for being a strong Husband while I have been broken. Your love and support is beyond measures and without you every day by my side I’m not sure I would still be trying so hard to get well again.

Charlotte xx


Thank you for showing me support and not judging me while I go through this tricky ride. Sending you lots of moon wishes

Lottie xx

Trudie & Chloe

I joined your group, lost and broken. You have given me hope, love and support and that’s all I can ask for. Sending you the most happiest of love. Xx

Lottie & Hugo


Thank you for being an amazing partner and amazing daddy. We love you so much x



You have been an absolute God send to me this year. From helping with your baby brother, to distracting us from the doom and gloom outside you have been an Ray of sunshine that we are forever grateful for. We love you so very much

Mummy, Daddy and Adam

My beautiful momma

Thank you for always making me happy. I love you and your cups of tea - your right they do always make you feel better. I hope I can be half the mom you are to our beautiful Hali xx


In Kind Boxes

Thank you for donating gift boxes to the women’s clinic I go to. It made me feel so special during postpartum.



Thank you for being such an amazing husband and father for our girls wouldn't be able to manage this year without you

Your wife

My baby girl

Thankyou for being the greatest gift anyone could ever have, I love you more than you’ll ever know..... I will try to show you that. Keep being you my beautiful xxx


My Mum aka Nanny

I couldn’t of had my new baby who’s 12 weeks now without you. You held my hand for the 3 days we were in hospital whilst I gave birth and didn’t leave my side once. You cut the cord, now I know what true love is. I love you xxx



For being the best thing in life



Thank you for being the best husband and daddy to James George and our new Rose xxx


My amazing husband

Thank you for everything you do for me and our little girl. You truly are incredible.

We love you so much, S & D xx

My fabulous husband

Thank you for the late night bum changes and all the support you have given me and our gorgeous little girly. We love you so much.

Olivia xxxx

My Amazing Husband

Thank you so much for being such a great Daddy and for being such a supportive, caring and loving husband. We are very lucky to have you.

Your Amazing Wife


Thank you for being an amazing partner and daddy to our little girl. Always being there or us, even though you were finding work as a teacher tough. x



Thank you for supporting me through a tough pregnancy



Thank you for everything you do for us and the girls. You are the best nanny and we could not cope without you



Thank you for being their 'virtually' for me throughout my pregnancy and since Emmeline was born. Emmeline and Ophelia love nanny so much, as do I. Can't wait to spend time together properly.

S x

My dear Husband

Thank you for beeing so supportive and caring during my pregnancy. You are awesome!

Your Wife

Mum & Dad

I would not have survived Bertie’s first year without you. Love you both so much...

Bethy xxx


My rock, my calm place . Thank you for everything you do for me.


Esther Ehren

Thank you for supporting us emotionally and physically through the two months baby Reggie was in intensive care. Thank you for the sausage sandwiches, clean clothes and books whilst we stayed in hospital and thank you for supporting us all as we adjusted to home life and going back to work!

Claire Hoyland

Mum & Dad

To my Mum & Dad for always being amazing & supporting us in every way. Can’t wait to make lots of memories with you both and the new addition

Olivia & George x


Thank you for being such an amazing partner and dad to Nate We love you!


Wantage Community Midwife Team

Thank you does not seem enough for being there for all of us when we welcomed Luke into the lockdown world in May. I truly couldn’t have done it without you all

Laura Bond and family


For always being there when I needed you and being there now when little man does



Thanks for supporting me throughout our new and exciting journey together, I know things have been and will be difficult but I wouldn't want anyone else by my side. Xxx

Jodie and bump

NHS Wales

Thank You NHS for everything you have done for Franklin born 10/05/2020 this year has been a rollercoaster but so Thankful for your support during his operation and being there for his Talipes Journey #clubfootwwareness

Natalie Johnson & Joshua P xx

BabyZen Northants

Thank you for going above and beyond to make sure we have support from your groups. As a new first time Mum, in these times I cant tell you how much it’s needed.

Kirstin & Ella


Thank you for being there from afar along this crazy journey to motherhood. Love you lots xxx

Fi x

Mum & Dad

Thank you so much for supporting me endlessly.



Thanks so much for all you have done for us this year and for helping me get through tough times. We love you

K, D and S xxx

My baby boy

For lighting up a dark year with your smile!

Mummy x

Naimah, Billie & Yusmeri

Thank you for your friendship specially in such odd times x



Thank you for being the best daddy to our children. You really do put us all before yourself and I am forever grateful.



Thank you for being my best friend, mum and role model for me being the best mummy I can be to my little girl. I love you, love your little girl x



Thank you for being the best husband and dad to our girl! Thank you for working long hours to support us!



Thank you sticking by me during first time parenting and awful lockdown! We’ve survived the worst and the best is yet to come with us 3 as a family!

Love Soph x


I love you and I’m sorry because of COVID you had to meet your first granddaughter through a window of the hospital, but thank you for supporting me and helping me become the mum I am. I love you always



Thankyou for being there through the tough times and the good! Love you to the moon and back Xx



Thank you for all your support!

D x

My Mum

Thank you for being the backbone of this family. We love you xxx


Vicki, Greg & Connie

Thank you so much for helping us so much (mostly from a distance) get used to being new parents!

Alex, Ian & Elizabeth

Daddy Bushby

Thank you for working so hard to constantly support your family, sometimes I may moan we don't see you but enough, but I know it's all for me and the kids, you are the best daddy ever x

Mummy Bushby


Thanks for being an amazing husband & daddy to our little girl xx



Thanks for being the most amazing husband to my and daddy to our little man. I love you



Thanks to my amazing mother in law which helped me alot throughout the whole pregnancy and motherhood cant imagine my girls without her support.



Thank you for being an amazing daddy and being by my side through all the ups and downs during the first two months of parenthood.

Charly & Ophelia


Thank you for everything you’ve done for me this year. Couldn’t have done it without you!



Thank you for being a wonderful partner every day. You were supportive through a challenging pregnancy and there as much as you could be with covid through the post birth hospital stay!


My Sister Helen

A wonderful, beautiful, caring human who 100% suits being a midwife. My husband and i are so grateful for all of the support she gave us in the lead up to our baby being born in May this year. Completely supporting us emotionally and practically, from a distance, while having absolutely zero time to do so. Legend


Mum and dad

Thank you for all your help this year - it's been a difficult one but we're getting through it together. You deserve the world!

George and Ruth


We’ve had some heartache and hard times the last few months but you’ve been supporting me through this year, thank you xx

Your loving wife S

Kayley Proctor

Thank you for being there for me and my little family this year. I know we havent known each other for long, but that just shows how amazing you are to have become such a good friend so quickly



Thank you for being such an incredible support this year. Thanks for keeping me going after a very tricky start and helping me feel positive about a very exciting future. Love Mazzy Xxxx


Grandma & Grandad

Thank you for getting me through this year. With 3 babies under the age of 2!! It has been tricky in this crazy world right now. But you’ve stood by me. Always rang, visited in the garden and spent as much time as possible with my babies. Giving them your time and love and I couldn’t ask for anything else. My children adore you both. We are all so lucky to have you.



Thank you for always being there throughout this whirlwind of a year! Thank you for being an amazing friend and creating the weirdest memories for a lifetime.

Love Jess

My husband

Thank you for being my rock the past year, for supporting me through the lows and sharing the highs. I could not have got through the past 12 months without you.

N x


I hate living countries apart and that we missed out on seeing each other this year. You’re the best mum to your beautiful 2 and the best auntie to my boy. We love you so much!



Thank you for being so supportive, loving and understanding. I miss & love you so much!

M x

My husband

Thank you for being there for me every day, you’re so supporting, loving and so strong. You’re the best daddy to our baby boy and the best husband I could have wished for. I love you!

Your wifey x

The staff on exeters neonatal unit

Thank you for looking after my daughter who was born at 32 weeks. I will be forever grateful for all the hard work you do


Mum and Dad

Thank you for all the support with our little lockdown baby...cute but a demanding one. Your help with her physically has meant I’ve been able to enjoy a hot cuppa and mentally has given me the strength to get through her operations - thank you.

Zoe x


Thank you for supporting me through pregnancy in lockdown, the birth of our beautiful daughter and for showing so much love and understanding, you are incredible!

Leah xx

Mum and Dad

Thank you for being so supportive this year. Its been tough for everyone but as always you've been there for us. You've also had the joy of knowing your becoming first time grandparents this year and supported us in more ways than one

Charlotte and Sam


Thank you for being so patient with me and Harrison, we love you.



For being a breath of fresh air, seeing joy in everything and making us smile everyday x

Nanny x


The best daddy to our little princess thank you for being our rock this year we would have sank without you.


Sophie & Dawn

Thank you both for been incredible midwives! Your support was amazing and I was so lucky to have you both

Rach x

Rachel (Imps lady)

Rachel runs a local baby group in my town. During Lockdown she continued to do weekly singalongs, book reading, dancing, activity ideas (the list really is endless). Rachel has recently been diagnosed with cancer and has carried on with such strength. A true hero. Thank you Rachel, for always giving to our community.


my husband B

For holding my hand through our difficult year trying to conceive our rainbow baby and now reassuring me through all my worries in pregnancy. I love you and our little one.



Thank you for putting up with me this year and birthing our daughter



Thank you for everything you do for us both xxx


Mum & Dad

Thank you for all your help this year - it's been a difficult one but we're getting through it together. You deserve the world!



To my amazing partner Ashley who has been so supportive & just incredible in one of the toughest years we have faced! I couldn’t do parenthood without you!

Andrea x


Thank you for being the best wife! And for being there when I need you! ♥️

Leanne xXx

Sheila & Geoff

Thankyou so much for picking up childcare where I couldn’t this year You are both amazing



Many thanks for all your help this year looking after Charlie while I work. You deserve the best gift this year!


The Gore Family

I want to say a huge thank you to Jen, Sandra and Martin for keeping me sane during lockdown by inviting me to do the weekly virtual pub quiz with them!

Samantha D

Ellie Rothery

Thank you.

Ellie Rothery

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