As part of Mamas & Papas latest #NeverUnderestimateThePowerOfCommunity campaign, TV and A&E doctor Dr Alex George took over our Instagram stories. He offered advice for families, newborns and mums-to-be during this challenging time. Alex touched on what the latest government guidance is for the community and pregnant women, as well as providing tips and tricks for the entire family in terms of nutrition, hand-washing, exercise and routine.

#NeverUnderestimateThePowerOfCommunity with Dr Alex George.

Pregnancy & mums-to-be

We know that being pregnant is super exciting, but during this pandemic the feeling of excitement has been met with feelings of anxiousness and stress. Dr Alex provided us with some medical information which should hopefully help to put some of your minds at rest…

 “The reason that pregnant women have been put into the vulnerable category is to take precautions. There is no evidence at all that pregnant women are at an increased risk, or that the baby is at an increased risk, it is just a precaution.”

And if that hasn’t done the trick, below is a snippet of advice you can follow to ensure you’re doing everything you can for you and baby.

“Advice with pregnancy and the Coronavirus is to look after your mental and physical health. Stay isolated, follow the strict isolation guidance we’re giving. Speak to your midwife as well to get that advice and guidance – don’t panic, alert not anxious.”

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We all know how vitally important it is for us to stay inside and follow the government guidelines. However, we don’t want the feeling of fear to override the importance of getting your 1 hours’ worth of outdoor exercise.

“Exercise is so important for families, especially because we’re spending so much time in doors at the moment, both for the body and the mind. If you’re pregnant check with your midwife on what you’re able to do, but you should be still doing exercise in most cases. It’s great to make you feel good, releases endorphins, it gets the family together and helps keep the body and mind in tune in a positive mind set.”

So, let’s get moving – in a socially distant way of course!

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Remaining positive

Although social media is a great place for connection and inspiration, it can also have some negative downsides too especially in times of uncertainty. To help remain positive, Dr Alex has given us some all-important tips…

 “I would really advice watching the news twice a day, maximum. With regards to children it is important to tell them to wash their hands and encourage all these good messages we’re saying. However, say it in a positive way and teaching them how to wash their hands properly and how to remain positive really important.”

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Keeping a routine

In some way or another your daily routine may have changed; that might be because you’re now working from home or your children’s school may have shut for the foreseeable. However, it is vital to keep a routine going. Keeping up a structured routine won’t only help your little ones, but you too! Here’s what Dr Alex had to say…

“This is something important for the whole family, mums, dads and the kids. What we’ve lost due to isolation is our normal, daily activities like going to work and dropping the kids off at school. Life has changed quite a bit at the moment, it’s only temporary but it has changed. It’s really important, especially for kids to have that routine. Getting up at a set time, having breakfast and getting changed. Having a plan for the day, whether it’s teaching, colouring in, reading, getting them out in the afternoon for exercise. As well as having dinner at set times and bed times. Kids need that routine and actually, we do too!

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Washing your hands

We have ALL been singing happy birthday whilst washing our hands. So much so we’re 90% sure we now have the song permanently stuck in our head. However, washing our hands is one of the key ways to protect ourselves, our families and the NHS during this time. Below is Dr Alex’s tips on how you should be washing your hands and the best ways to educate your family on how to wash theirs.

“Coronavirus causes very mild symptoms in the vast majority of children, it is very usual for a child a child to be really unwell with Coronavirus. But they can spread the virus so teaching children – without scaring them – to wash their hands is really important. There’s 6 steps to hand washing and it you need to do it for 20 seconds, so teaching them using their favourite song is a really great way to get them to wash their hands. Use hot or cold water, making sure it’s the right temperature and not too warm, with soap is the recommendation. Sanitiser if soap and water isn’t available. There’s some great steps to follow on the NHS website on steps to take in handwashing – but make it fun!”

A balanced & healthy lifestyle

Over all, Dr Alex emphasizes a balanced and healthy lifestyle in keeping yourself protected from the virus. 

 “There’s a lot of companies out their claiming they have immune boosting supplements. Don’t listen to those. At the end of the day a balanced and healthy diet is what we recommend. Make sure you’re sleeping plenty, making sure you’re eating your fruit and vegetables and having your important nutrients in that way. Also making sure you’re exercising and drinking plenty of water – that is the most important thing.”

A huge thank you to Dr Alex for all of his top tips. We really hope Dr Alex’s takeover answered your questions, helped suppress any anxieties you may have and gave you some all-important advice. The key messages to take away from this are:

  • Pregnant women have been put in the vulnerable category as a precaution. Mum nor baby are at an increased risk
  • Your 1 hour a day of exercise outside of your house is so important for your mental and physical health during this pandemic. Just ensure you follow the social distancing guidelines set by the government
  • Keep a routine
  • Ensure you’re thoroughly washing your hands
  • You’re maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Make sure you’re sleeping plenty, eating healthily and exercising
  • Remaining positive – this situation is only temporary and will pass

You can watch Dr Alex’s takeover over on our Instagram by clicking here.

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Remember, you are not alone! We are all in this together.