Home schooling is something that a lot of us parents have had to become familiar with over the last few weeks. We know a lot of you have the same worries and questions, but we’ve got you. Ellie Polly is a fully qualified primary school teacher. Today she’s here offering advice, tips and tricks on how to master the world of home learning! Read Ellie Polly’s Home Learning Survival Guide below!

If you are anything like the majority of parents in the UK right now, you have probably been thrown into the unknown territory that is – home schooling.

For many this may seem a little daunting and overwhelming. I am here to reassure you not to worry! This temporary and strange situation that we find ourselves in doesn’t need to be any more stressful than it already is. Home learning can be simple, relaxed, effective and most importantly… fun.

In the past 2 years I have rarely talked about my job as a primary school teacher on YouTube to my subscribers and followers. However, when the schools closed, I wanted to help share ideas with fellow parents about how they can carry out home learning in a stress free, fun and interactive way. Whilst also trying to relieve them from feeling like they need to achieve ‘it all’.

Ok, so what do I suggest?

Give yourself some credit!

This is not easy! Most of you reading this may have more than one child, a job that you are trying to juggle from home, a house to clean, pets to walk, mouths to feed…the list goes on. The pressure of telling yourself that you also need to achieve 6 hours of schoolwork from home each day is enough to drive you mad with stress.

Take the pressure away and remind yourself that you’re not a robot. Remind yourself that this is a temporary situation in which we need to make do and pull through together. If your children have made it to the end of the day happy, fed, clean(ish) and perhaps having done 2 or 3 learning activities at some point of the day, then well done you!! What an achievement! Some days may go completely not to plan. Then other days you might feel like your smashing this quarantine malarkey. Take each day as it comes and take it easy.

Scrap the timetable

Your little ones have been thrown into a very sudden and strange situation. It’s important to remember that learning at home with their parents will never replicate learning in their normal classroom. It’s hard to expect them to behave and focus in the same way they would in school whilst in their family home. Home is a place which they would usually relax and have fun. So, my suggestion is to keep it casual. Have a plan in your head of 2/3 activities you want to cover that day. But don’t worry about sticking to strict times like in school. This will only add unnecessary stress.

Mix up worksheets with practical activities

Remember, not all learning takes the form of a pencil and a sheet of paper. As important and effective worksheets can be, I believe it to be just as (if not more) effective to play practical learning games and activities with your children. I have uploaded a range of easy maths and phonics games to my Instagram TV that have proved really successful. There’s lots more to come too so if you’re in need of some home schooling inspiration feel free to have a nosey!

Enjoy this time…

As scary and uncertain as this time may be, there is a chance we will look back as this time and wish we had treasured it a little more. 24 hours a day to soak in your kids, at a time when they seem to be growing and changing so quickly. Don’t get me wrong, there will be times when we will want to pull our hair out, but don’t forget to sit back, laugh and enjoy each other.

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