When the time arrives to transition baby from a bedside crib to a cotbed, you need something that will not only help baby have some blissful night’s sleep, but something that is a functional piece of design that will make your journey through parenthood that little bit easier. Our Franklin cotbed is the perfect solution. Read Haley’s Franklin cotbed review below…

It’s well known that children outgrow things very quickly, from clothes to toys. So with that in mind I wanted to make sure that I chose wisely when it came to choosing Elodie’s nursery furniture. I wanted something that would grow with her. The Mamas & Papas Franklin cotbed was the perfect choice as the cot converts into a toddler. Although I am not ready to think about that just yet it’s handy to know that I won’t have to panic when the time comes. The cotbed also has two adjustable height positions making it really easy to access your baby without straining your back.

The cotbed comes in either Grey Wash or White Wash. We decided to go with the latter as the colour is timeless. It really compliments Elodie’s current room but will also easily fit in with most décor, should we decide to change her room around in the future. It is such a versatile baby bedroom furniture piece.

It was fairly straight forward to assemble, however it did take a while to put all the pieces together. Some parts did require two people which meant we were limited to nap times only. With that being said, the end result is definitely worth it. Once the cotbed is assembled it feels very sturdy, which is something I absolutely adore. This means there are no rickety sides waking Elodie up as I lower her into the cot.

Another feature that made me fall in love with this cotbed is that it has so much storage space. The spacious under-bed storage drawer is perfect for all of Elodie’s essentials. I was impressed that I managed to fit all of Elodie’s essentials. Such as bed sheets, muslin cloths and bath products with room to spare. The best part is that it has a soft close drawer. This means you don’t have to worry about any tiny hands getting trapped. It also means that you don’t have to worry about waking your baby, perfect for quiet organising!

A really unique feature that drew me to the cotbed was the hanging rails at the end of the cot. I thought that this feature would come in handy and I was right! I currently use it to hang her sleeping bag on one end, and her clothes for the morning on the other end. This prevents me fumbling around when it comes to bedtime and also saves me time in the morning.

As we are still in the process of decorating Elodie’s room, we were also sent the Millie and Boris fitted sheets. I can tell by the quality of the sheets that these will last us a long time. I fell in love with the neutral tones, which will suit Elodie’s room however we decide to decorate it in the future. We were also sent the Welcome To The World Giraffe and Elephant prints. I have had my eye on these prints for a long time; I think that they are the perfect addition to any nursery. They create a warm and inviting feel to the nursery. I’ve delayed putting the pictures up as I can’t get hold of the frames due to the lockdown. However, I am looking forward to being able to hang them on the wall and finally completing Elodie’s nursery.

To conclude, we love our Franklin cotbed! It would make a great addition to any nursery and Elodie definitely approves. It is a beautiful nursery furniture set, she is so content with her new cot and handled the transition seamlessly.

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