When searching for the perfect nursery furniture, you want something that is not only stylish, but functional too, that will help see your little one all the way through to their toddler years. You’ll also want to find something that will make your night feeds and journey through parenthood that little bit easier. Our Franklin furniture collection is the perfect solution. We asked Haley to give the collection a try. Read her Franklin furniture review below…

When Elodie was born, her clothes took up hardly any room. They fitted nice and compact into one section of our wardrobe but I knew I would have to upgrade eventually. As she recently turned one I decided that it was finally time to give Elodie’s clothes a space of their own. They have almost doubled in size and quantity.

I opted for baby furniture from Mamas & Papas. We picked the Franklin Wardrobe and Dresser set in white wash to compliment her new Cot Bed, which is from the same nursery furniture set. We wanted to choose pieces of nursery furniture that would grow with Elodie. We chose these two pieces, as they are classic, functional and spacious. The contemporary design compliments a wide range of bedroom and nursery styles. This makes it easy to change the nursery into a little girl’s room when the time arrives.  

The straightforward instructions made the furniture easy to assemble. Although it did take a few hours to put together, as we had to squeeze it in-between nap times. 

Aside from the aesthetics of the furniture, the pieces themselves are very functional. They have very practical features that I think all parents will appreciate.

Franklin wardrobe

First let me start with my favourite features of the Franklin nursery wardrobe. I love that it is spacious and has ample storage for all her clothes and blankets. It even has some extra space for her overflow of toys.

The wardrobe comes with two clothing rails, which is perfect for displaying all the gorgeous clothes. The rails can easily be removed which is very convenient as I plan on removing the bottom rail as Elodie grows to give me ample space to hang her clothes. I also hugely appreciate the fact that both the wardrobe and drawers come with the soft close feature. This protects their little fingers from getting trapped. However it also means you can rummage through the wardrobe without waking your little one up.

Franklin dresser changer

Moving onto the dresser-changer unit. I was once again impressed with the spacious compartments, but my favourite thing about the baby dresser is the height. It’s the perfect height for my husband and me and it has made such a difference when changing Elodie. Before now we were changing her on the floor. I didn’t realise how much stress that put on both of our backs. Changing her on the dresser has really saved our backs and made changing her a breeze (when she isn’t trying to roll off the sides).

Again, the dresser-changer unit will grow with Elodie. The changing top can be removed from the dresser, meaning the dresser can then be used to store some of her favourite possessions.

In conclusion, I feel like Mamas and Papas have created the perfect baby bedroom furniture that really has parents in mind. The Franklin collection is aesthetically pleasing as well as being functional, making it a key piece for any nursery.

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