Keeping your little one entertained can be a challenge. With helpful developmental toys, they’re sure to be entertained and engaged for hours. Our Sit & Play Activity Chair is perfect for encouraging little ones to enjoy independent play. We asked Chloe and David to give it a go with baby Elia. Read their Sit and Play activity seat review…

One piece of advice I like to give to other new parents is that you can never have too many places to set your baby down safely. If I wasn’t sorting out her big brother, preparing lunch, going to the toilet alone or reheating my coffee for the third time, being able to put Elia down knowing she is happy and safe for a few minutes is needed. 

Our Sit and Play Activity Seat Review

The Sit & Play Offspring Activity Seat was a welcomed member in our home. What firstly surprised me was that it arrived flat. It could fold down and I’d easily be able to carry this seat about with me whenever I needed!! With two young children, our home is slowly being taken over by all sorts of baby bits. This foldable prospect excited not just me but my husband especially. 

Baby Elia in the sit and play activity seat

After David had nearly fainted using all his oxygen supplies trying to blow this up, (note to other parents; use the pump your wife suggests in the beginning) we popped Elia into the comfy cushion and fastened her in. All the sensory toys grabbed her attention straight away. Especially the black and white crinkly book!

David and I can be picky when it comes to baby items and their colours. Especially if it’s going to be sitting out in our home for a long time. Even though the Sit & Play comes in a more neutral colour there’s something about the block colours and stripy cushion design that we love. Elia is getting to that age where she is definitely more attracted to bold colours and textures so she was very pleased with our choice. 

An image from above of baby Elia in the activity seat.

The Sit & Play has been an amazing toy for Elia. It’s incredibly light so I’m able to carry it upstairs if I need to have 10 minutes to get ready or grab a quick shower. It gives Elia some extra confidence sitting unaided as she wouldn’t sit still long enough to practice this skill; she’s a huge wriggler. Overall, we love this product and are super grateful for the extra hands-free time it’s giving us! 

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