The Hilston Nursing Chair is one of our best sellers, for a number of reasons. Maybe it’s the ergonomic design with cushioned support, making the chair perfect for nursing and feeding. Or maybe it’s the timeless, classic design that enables the chair to look at home in any room. Read Chloe & David Shields Hilston Review below, a real review, written by a real mama and papa.

I don’t know about everyone else’s babies, but mine love and thrive off a bedtime routine. Those little cues that let them know it’s time for sleep. It could be a bubble bath, a bedtime book, or even just some special snuggles. Both my babies nursed to sleep, maybe not ideal all of the time but it’s something I always look forward to. However with my first I didn’t see the need for a nursing chair.

This was a mistake!

I used an armchair to nurse him, but could never get comfortable. Then we moved house and I thought he would wean by one. Boy was I wrong! He fed for another year, and those feeds before bed were done on the floor. I regretted not investing in a chair we could feed and snuggle on.

So when Mamas and Papas gave us the opportunity to test out the Hilston and review it, I jumped at the offer. I had just moved Elia into her own room, and it fitted in so perfectly. One thing I love about this chair is the modern and sleek design, Many chairs we looked at were practical but bulky and wouldn’t fit in the small space we designated, whereas the Hilston slots in with ease. 

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The material of the Hilston is incredibly plush and is available in a variety of colours. We opted for a neutral silver, as it goes with everything, and means we can find a place for it in our home once it’s finished being used in Elia’s room. Another design feature that I find beautiful, is the modern oak rocking legs. They add the practicality, but still keep the simple, Scandinavian feel to the chair. We actually used the Hilston as an extra chair in our living room for a short while before moving it, and so many of our friends fell in love with it. They couldn’t get over that it was a nursing chair! That’s the beauty of it, the versatility.

The Hilston has been so comfortable to nurse in, especially during the many, many night feeds we have at the minute! However I also love the other uses it has provided. Ezra (our toddler) loves sneaking into Elia’s room with his favourite book and curling up on the chair. David has been able to give Elia a bedtime bottle and soak up those sleepy cuddles, and I’ve been able to snuggle up with both of my children at the same time.

The Hilston is a stylish and timeless piece that we’ve found so crucial during this part of our parenting journey. We think you’ll love it too.

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