Tummy Time is an essential part of baby’s development. It’s time on their front that helps them strengthen their neck muscles and fine motor skills. Parent Approved Panel’s Christy-Leigh Castles gives our Tummy Time Toy a try. With baby Bonnie, of course. Read her Snuggle Rug review.

To see Christy-Leigh’s Snuggle Rug review, check out her video above. It’s a great insight into how popular our Snuggle Rug is for little ones just starting to enjoy a little more mobility.

Christy’s Snuggle Rug Review In Pictures

Now some pictures of Baby Bonnie playing with her Dream Upon a Cloud Playmat – another great accessory for Tummy Time. With its comfy padded base, soft colours and playful hanging toys, it’s the best way to create an engaging and interactive space for playtime that help children reach those developmental milestones. It’s certainly bringing a smile to baby Bonnie’s face…

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