Setting sail on holiday, Parent Approved Panellist Hannah and little Luna packed up our Armadillo City2 for the ride. With a light, compact frame, easy steering, protective sun canopy and large, comfortable seat – how well did it handle this adventure abroad? Read Hannah’s Armadillo City Review…

Travelling for the first time with a newborn is tough, never mind the amount of baggage that comes with it. As a brand new mum, there is so much to consider when going abroad and the pushchair is definitely at the top of that list. With so much to lug around (yes including a little one) it’s so important to pick the right model, and we’re so glad that the Armadillo City2 was just that.

We literally took it everywhere, and by everywhere I mean everywhere. To the supermarket, to dinner, to every beach, we stumbled across, and yes, you better believe it, all the way to the top of Ibiza castle – because Luna has to see the incredible views too right?

I know what you’re thinking, how on earth did we manage to drag a pushchair across the hot sand and up small cobbled streets? For many parents, this would seem the most daunting challenge, but when you’ve got a super light, compact frame, honestly, it makes life so much easier.

I don’t know how many of you have heard of the ‘one-hand fold challenge’ but the Armadillo City2 nails it. I could quite literally swing open AND close the buggy with Luna in my arms and it slot so perfectly into our small holiday car – the dream! Then there’s the large hood for ventilation (UPF 50+) which was perfect for all weather conditions, the shopping basket (for all of the sangria!) and my absolute favourite part: the fully recline-able seat, which made our sunset dinners by the beach a little more chilled, with baby able to sleep as we relaxed. And if Lu wanted to see the world? Easy. The Armadillo City2 has an easily adjustable toggle for sitting her up so that she was able to take everything in.

When choosing a colour, we opted for a grey which we found perfect for all seasons, ages, and style. The marl fabric also meant that the buggy hid any dirt, stains, or wear and tear, and therefore remained pretty pristine throughout the whole of our fourteen-day excursion, which for a mum (like me!) who hates the mess, was heaven.

All in all, we literally couldn’t have asked for a better folding pushchair and will continue to take it on all of our travels – we’ve even been using it at home! So parents, if you’re after a lightweight, fashionable, easy to use travel system that can keep your little one happy and safe for a good few years, THIS is the one for you. Well, not this exact one, we will NOT be sharing ours…

A great Armadillo City review and a successful trip all round, from the sounds of it. And if you want to share the Sangria, Hannah, we wouldn’t say no. As the name suggests, the Armadillo City2 was designed to make it easier for busy parents to get round manic city centers with little fuss, but it’s great that it also doubles as a light, compact and comfortable buggy perfect for trips abroad. And if it helped Hannah, Luna, and family get the most out of their holiday, then it can help you too!

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