It’s important to help your little one learn to sit upright, unaided. It takes time. But when their neck is ready, a good floor seat can help give them a little more confidence. A seat like our Baby Snug. Find out what Parent Approved Panellist, Harley, thought of it. Read her Baby Snug floor seat review now…

As a mother of three, there are not many baby items I haven’t tried and tested. There was once a time I shopped for myself but these days I get more excited about shopping for my little ones. I think is a given once you become a parent! The products that catch my eye are the ones that look interesting and fun for baby (of course). Ones that can make day to day life easier whilst not being an eyesore and can also be moved/stored easily. The Mamas & Papas Baby Snug ticks all of these boxes.

Our Baby Snug Floor Seat Review

The Baby Snug is one item that I’ve used with each of my babies. It’s a staple, multifunctional must-have in my eyes!

Freddie is 6 months now and is SO eager to sit and play with his big sisters. He has enough strength to lift his head but still needs support with sitting, which is where the wonderful Baby Snug comes into play. It’s his favourite place to sit in comfort and watch what’s going on around him. He loves to engage with each of the enticing features on the play tray. They have been designed bright and stimulating for baby’s enjoyment.

The wide base of the Baby Snug makes it a sturdy and secure first seat for your baby. I’ve tried other ‘sit up’ seats with Freddie at friends house’s and play centres but he tends to slip down; this makes the added crotch post on the snug perfect for that little bit of extra support! The Snug has been cleverly designed with comfort and enjoyment for baby in mind. A huge bonus is it being light enough to move around the house. As well as an adaptable play tray making it suitable for mealtimes.

I love how simple it is to go from playing to feeding. The play tray is easily removed and leaves a spacious surface for mealtimes with no crevices for food to get stuck in. When feeding time is over, it’s super easy to clean as both trays and seat insert are removable and easy to wipe down.

In summary…

I’m sure it’s clear how much of a fan I am of the Baby Snug. It’s a very much loved item in our house that we use every day (multiple times!). The girls love sitting and interacting with Freddie when he’s in it. And as much as I love having him stuck to my hip, being able to move him around the house and watching him engage with the toy arrangements is fab. It’s a huge thumbs up from us, Mamas & Papas!

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