If you’re the sort of parent that likes off-roading, taking those adventures away from the track, you need a pushchair that can keep up. The Armadillo XT is that pushchair. Don’t believe us? Find out what Parent Approved Panellist, Holly Burge thought. Read Holly’s all-terrain pushchair review.

We have just been away to Spain on our first family holiday and this pushchair was a godsend. In the town, the streets were all cobbled and the house we were staying in was at the top of a very steep hill, so we honestly couldn’t have been without it. Here are my top 10 reasons why the Armadillo XT is a holiday essential.

All-Terrain Pushchair Review | Holly and Posey’s top 10 reasons you need the Armadillo XT in your life.

1. The design.

Image of the Armadillo XT all-terrain pushchair.

I seem to always find myself looking at the style of items for Posey before practicality, I guess the die-hard fashionista in me is reluctant to disappear now I’m a mama.

The design of the Armadillo XT pushchair is totally gorgeous. The colours, khaki and tan are classic and gender-neutral, so will stand the test of time for any other babies we may have in the future. The leather handles, detail buttons and Mamas & Papas logo are a standout point for me and make the pushchair look high end and luxury. The fabric is strong and of high quality and the extra details, like the quilted interior and sleek silver frame, again elevate the styling to another level.

2. The Wheels.

Image of Holly pushing the Armadillo XT pushchair down the street.

On holiday we came across all different types of surfaces, cobbled streets, sand, decking and gravel to name a few and the large all-terrain wheels coped perfectly. Not only was it a smooth ride for Posey, but an easy push for us. It has a real glide to it and along with the amazing turning circle, it chalks up to be one of the most agile strollers I have come across.

3. The large basket.

Close up of the Armadillo XT all-terrain pushchair's shopping basket. Holly is placing something inside.

Being on holiday with a baby obviously comes with a lot of extra bits, so the extra-large basket was essential. It was big enough to carry our 3 towels down to the beach and still fit in extras, like bottles of water and the all-important snacks. The fact that it was made of a lightweight fabric also helped, as when it got filled up with sand, I was able to just flip it all out at the end of each day.

4. The 5-point harness and seat.

Close up of baby Posey sat in the Armadillo XT's large seat, secured by the 5 point harness.

Posey was only 14 weeks old when we went away and is a small baby anyway, so I was worried that she may not be secure out of her carrycot that she uses at home, but I needn’t have worried. The Armadillo XT pushchair is suitable from birth to 15kg and the large lie-back seat gave her lots of space to have a nap or just to chill in a reclined position. I found that as she got used to the new positioning, I was able to bring her up slightly to a more seated position, which she loved as she was able to people watch and see all the sights.

5. The Compact one-hand fold.

The compact pushchair can be folded with one hand, which made life so much easier when loaded with all kinds of holiday paraphernalia. At one point we were carting around a lilo shaped like a giant mojito, so a free hand was key. We totally had our priorities right.

We had a mid-sized hire car and the pushchair, once folded, was easy to chuck in the boot and was stored neatly by the doorway of the house.

6. The handle

The handle is easily adjustable, which was great, as all of us adults are different heights, so whoever was pushing, just quickly changed the height to suit them!

7. The vent

Image of Holly sat with the Amradillo XT pushchair, inside baby Posey is sat down, protected by the insect net.

It was so unbelievably hot in Spain, so the nervous mother in me was out in full force. However, the vent in the back of the hood really helped. We would often sit on the beach and Posey would be fully covered from the sun and the vent allowed the sea breeze to keep the air flowing and keep her cool.

8. The canvas hood

Close up of the pushchair hood.

Again because of the sun and heat, the extra-large UPF 50+ hood was amazing. When pulled fully down, it only left Posey’s little toes out in the sun, so it really did almost totally cover her. I was so worried about getting the sun on her, so this made me feel much better when walking around just knowing she was safe and covered.

9. The viewing window

Close up of the Armadillo XT all-terrain pushchair viewing window in the pushchair hood. Through it we can see baby Posey.

I loved that fact that I could have a cheeky check up on Posey as we walked along without having to stop and peer in and the magnetic fastening made it silent too, so we didn’t disturb and naps.

10. The cup holder

Close up of the Armadillo XT all-terrain pushchair's cup holder as Holly is placing a drink bottle inside.

So, this was a personal favourite of mine. I developed a slight obsession with a Spanish brand of water and I just had to have a bottle of it with me at all times, so this was perfect for one thirsty mama.

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