When your baby begins weaning, you need a robust, reliable highchair. They keep baby comfortable as they take on solid food. Our Snax Highchair is the perfect solution. We asked Kelly to give it a try. Read Kelly Sibley’s Snax Highchair Review below…

It’s happened…your baby is ready to start weaning! The Mamas & Papas Snax Highchair is the perfect addition to help support this milestone in both yours and baby’s lives.

Setting up the highchair is extremely easy. From start to finish it took no more than 15 minutes. That included taking the cardboard outside to the recycling and having Jack sat in the highchair waiting for his first taste of food.

Jack has just turned 6 months so we are now entering the wonderful but messy world of weaning! As a busy mum, additional cleaning isn’t something I was looking forward to. Knowing that both the seat and tray are easy to wipe clean makes it a quick and easy job! The tray is easily detachable so you can simply unclip it and pop it in the sink for those extra-messy mealtimes.

The Snax Highchair comes in multiple different designs. We opted for the Safari design. Jack’s nursery is also animal themed, so we wanted to keep it all the same. The other designs available are Pink Rainbows and Grey Spots.

Jack is desperate to be on the move and having to stay in one place isn’t favoured. The 5-point harness gives us peace of mind that he’s not able to do a disappearing act when he’s had enough! The straps are also adjustable so as your baby grows you can adjust these along the way.

The Snax Highchair also has 6 different height settings and also 3 recline positions making meals even more comfortable than ever. It even has a storage basket underneath the seat where you can keep all your essentials.

This chair is also fully fordable, even with the tray still attached. This makes the highchair very compact and easy to transport and store.

I would highly recommend the Snax Highchair, it’s so easy to set up, wipe down and your baby is super safe. As parent what more could you ask for?

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