The thing about pushchairs is, they’re a very practical parenting tool. They get you from A to B. But that doesn’t mean they can’t look good while they do it. Our Ocarro is a luxury pushchair with ultimate comfort for your little one, and now, our Ocarro Luxe adds even more style to the stroller. But how did new Parent Approved couple, Rob & Paige, and baby Oakley get on with it? Here’s their Simply Luxe review…

The first thing about the Ocarro Simply Luxe that makes an impression is the appearance. I mean, it is one stylish pushchair. Its neutral colour palette makes it perfect for baby boys and girls. The attention to detail – with the bronze frame and leatherette handles – add a sense of luxury. We certainly feel like we are pushing the pram equivalent of a Bentley. I could go on about the appearance, but really it speaks for itself!

To be clear – the Ocarro Luxe isn’t just about looks, it is also practical; the Luxe has so many useful features for when you’re on the go. The first, and probably most impressive, is the one-hand fold. As parents of two boys, we know how important it is to have your hands free as much as possible. Balancing your shopping while folding your pushchair down and into the boot (and controlling a toddler) really is a novelty that won’t wear off. Setting the Ocarro up is quick and simple, making life a bit easier when you have a crying baby and need to get going ASAP.

With it being the height of summer, I didn’t think I would get much use out of the gorgeous sheepskin liner but, with the wettest and coldest August on record, I am so thankful for this added luxury. As a mum, part of our role is to worry, and I worry about almost everything. In particular, that my baby will get cold, but the fabric is temperature regulating so will keep him warm in winter and cool in summer. The Ocarro Simply Luxe also comes with the warmest detachable mitts (who hasn’t felt their hands turn into ice blocks when pushing their little one?)

As Oakley is still only 10 weeks old, we have mostly been using the carrycot attachment, which he has loved. Its padded mattress makes it extra cosy and comfortable for tiny ones and the extended hood provides excellent shelter from the gale-force winds that have hit us this August. We have let Oakley nap in the seat, which smoothly transitions to a completely flat position with just the pull of a lever. Easy! I’ve found that the seat is more padded than most other pushchairs, with a cushion for extra head support. The hood almost completely covers Oakley, which is perfect for nap time when he is trying to be nosey. A few minutes and he is fast asleep!

As a family, we don’t like to be limited to the path and we are suckers for small walkways in the woods. With large back wheels and double suspension, it has tackled everything we have thrown at it with ease. A gravel driveway? No problem! With Rob’s quest for adventure and a newborn not stopping him, the safety features of the Ocarro have not gone un-missed, with its 5 point harness and a strong brake.

Overall I feel like the Ocarro has been designed to make our lives, as parents easier (because let’s face it, being a new parent isn’t always plain sailing). This Simply Luxe review proves it’s sleek and practical in every way.

We’re so happy that Rob, Paige and the family got so much out of the Ocarro Luxe. If you’re in the market for a pushchair that’s built to look after your little one, whatever the terrain, then this is the one for you. Especially if you love things that look good too.

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