Highchairs are essential for weaning baby, but they can take up a lot of space. With the Snax highchair, you can easily fold it away after meals. So we asked Samantha to give it a try and see how she found it. Read her Snax folding highchair review now…

Hello! Here’s my first review of the year and we’re going to give you our thoughts on the Snax highchair.  

Why did we choose the Snax highchair?

Gabriel’s seven months old now so we’ve started weaning. We needed all of the right equipment that comes with this messy but fun milestone! There are a lot of highchairs in the marketplace but we really liked how solid and sturdy the Snax highchair was in comparison. It all depends on what your preferences are but we wanted a highchair that grew with Gabriel and gave him plenty of support around his back and head.

Snax Folding Highchair Review | What’s it Like?

It’s great! There are several height settings and three recline positions as well as a foot ledge under the tray. They all ensure maximum comfort. You can also adjust the tray which helps to avoid the food disappearing into their laps. It’s quite big in size but it does fold and the tray detaches and sits on two rear hooks. One design feature I find really useful is that it can stand on its own without leaning against a wall. It’s very handy if you’re needing to put it aside for a few hours until the next meal. The castors also make it very easy to move around your home.

I’ve always been into safari prints so I really liked this fun design. The white and grey colours are very neutral, too. It’s all wipe down which is essential as the food does go everywhere! The harness is really easy to put together especially when you have a wriggly, hungry baby/toddler to contend with. I’ve learnt to put a bib over the straps to keep them clean. A great parenting tip!

Close up of the Snax highchair tray.

I really like that this highchair comes with two trays, they sit within one another. The top tray has a couple of compartments for different foods when your little one is a bit older. Saves on the washing up! The bottom tray is good for early weaning. I often put a few of Gabriel’s toys on there while I’m prepping his meal and clearing away afterwards.

Another welcomed feature is the white storage basket underneath the seat. It’s great for keeping bibs and toys in between meal times.

Snax Folding Highchair Review | My Verdict:

We’re really pleased with it! I love all of the added features especially the cushioned seat pad which some of the entry-level highchairs don’t offer. This really helps to support Gabriel’s posture when he’s eating. It’s also a great place for him to play with his toys in between meals. He really likes to be at a similar height to me when he gets bored of his playmat.

The Snax Highchair will last us until Gabriel’s around three years old. I’m really pleased we have it, thank you Mamas & Papas!

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