Summer is a time to get out and enjoy yourself, especially if the weather is good. However, life with a little one means there’s often a lot more to remember than just the sun lotion and spare shades. But just because there’s more to pack, it doesn’t mean it should be stressful.

We’ve pulled together a list of all those travel essentials that are worth thinking about, before you pack for that holiday abroad, weekend away or day trip. From buggies and baby carriers to travel cots and more, you can relax knowing there’s somewhere for baby to sit, sleep and ride in ultimate comfort. Meaning you can all get on with having a good time.

There’s a lot to remember when you’re planning trips out over summer. Whether you’re abroad, at home or taking days out, we’ve got everything you need, so you can get on and enjoy the sunshine.

Cruise Buggy

A great buggy if you’re looking for a pushchair that’s light, compact and lets your bomb around busy streets with ease, the Cruise is comfortable and sturdy with a great price to match.

It may be an umbrella fold pushchair, but that just means it folds up tightly, perfect for car boots. And the fold doesn’t impact on baby’s comfort. You can lay your little one day in the flat-lying seat to create a natural, supported space for snoozing while you sightsee.

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Buggy Parasol

Summer means sun, but just because the weather’s nice, it doesn’t mean your little one should be uncomfortable. Our Buggy Parasols let you keep your child shaded from the sun, wind and rain.

Made with UPF 50+ fabric, it’s ideal for protecting them from the sun’s hot rays – so you can stroll responsibly.

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Essential Buggy Liner

With its breathable fabric and cushioned design, our Buggy Liner is a great travel accessory. It keeps your child extra comfortable in the pushchair, without overheating them.

The fabric keeps them cool and comfortable, while also protecting your buggy from messy fingers, dripping ice creams and all manner of summer treats.

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BabyBjorn Carrier Mini

Buggies are great, but sometimes it can feel like you’re keeping your little one at arm’s length. That’s when a baby carrier really comes into its own, especially in those early months with a newborn.

Keep them close by and develop a bond as you stroll around, with BabyBjorn’s Carrier Mini. It’s a supportive, ergonomic design that protects baby as you walk. Incredibly soft and cosy, it keeps your little one cocooned in comfort, and is incredibly easy to use. With a small size that’s perfect for newborns.

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Classic Travel Cot

Whether you’re planning a long stretch away from home, or a spontaneous evening staying over, our Classic Travel Cot is a brilliant accessory that folds up nice and compact so you can store it in your car boot just on the off chance.

With its padded base and supportive sides, it’s a great temporary replacement for your child’s cot, creating the same reassuringly protective bedtime environment they expect at home.

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Backpack Reins

As your little one learns to walk, it’s not long until they want to explore. And with that, comes the difficulty of keeping them safe. With our Backpack Reins you can keep them at a safe distance while still letting them enjoy a little independence.

And because they come with an additional backpack, it’s perfect for those extra items like toys, books and teddies. With a fun design your little one will love, the biggest challenge will be getting them to take it off at bedtime.

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So, there you have it. It doesn’t seem so overwhelming. Everything you need to prepare for those days out and trips away. Pick and choose the pieces that complement your summer plans, or get the lot and know that you’re fully prepared for every eventuality.

Whatever happens, have a lovely summer!