Finding the perfect bedding and accessories for your little one’s nursery is an important decision. You want it to speak to their own sense of personality and keep in-style with your home. We asked our Parent Approved Panelist to try our Balloon collection. Read Holly Burge’s Balloon Bedding Review to see what she thought…

I was very excited to receive the Balloon bedding range to review, as Posey was just about to move into her own room. She had always been in a bed side crib, so this was going to be a huge transition for all of us. When I initially designed the nursery, when pregnant, I didn’t worry about getting bedding. I thought that we wouldn’t need it until she was 6 months and that was SOOOO far away. Boy how wrong was I, time has flown by!

I decided to ease myself into the transition by giving the nursery a little face lift. Have a change around of the positioning of the furniture and trying out this lovely new bedding.

The design of the whole range is gorgeous with its neutral grey hot air balloon pattern and would complement any nursery design. The double-sided items add variation and I love that fact that the whole range coordinates so well. I love a bit of matchy matchy!

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Working from the base up, we have the plain fitted sheets in grey, which come as a 2 pack. They are considerably thicker and softer than any other brands I have felt. Plus they are also a nice snug fit, so there is no excess fabric that Posey can get caught up in.

Then we have the double-sided cot bumper. Now I know that people have very differing opinions on these. However, my baby behaves like she is actually trying to give herself a concussion, so a bumper was a must for us. It simply ties to the top of the cot and is easily adjustable to suit your cot height. Its nice and padded, but not thick enough to worry me about any safety issues. There is a safety warning about removing when the baby can sit up. However, Posey isn’t quite there yet so we are safe for now.

To finish off we have both the 2.5 Tog dream pods in the larger size and also the quilt. They are both so soft but light weight. The dream pods are from 6-18 months. These are what Posey has been sleeping in since moving into her new room. The fact that they come as a 2 pack is a fantastic idea that I haven’t seen much elsewhere. It has worked so well for us to have one to wear and one to wash. The central zip makes it easy to get on and off, which is so important in the middle of the night in the dark. Size wise, Posey is a small 8 month old and they definitely have plenty of room for her to grow in.

We have also tested the quilt when she has her daytime naps and she seems to really enjoy having a snuggle in the soft fabric. The quilt is advised for use from 12 months. We are not yet using this at night, but I can tell when she is old enough, she will thoroughly enjoy the snuggle life in it.

Most of the range is machine washable at 40°C and tumble dryable at a low heat. This makes keeping on top of the laundry nice and simple. Some of the items also come in beautiful jersey bags that are so handy for storage and keeping those little baby bits in.

All in all, we love the bedding range and I think it looks beautiful in Posey’s nursery.

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