As a mother to three boys I always wonder what I can contribute to the empowerment of women and people in general. Often it may seem that it’s not a topic that may affect me but in reality, it is. That’s why this International Women’s Day I wanted to share with you, how I do and how I will continue I raise my boy’s with the knowledge written below.

Raising The Next Generation

Most of the literature, publications, and events on the topic of the empowerment of women tend to be targeted at mothers with daughters. I don’t fall into that category, but I believe everyone has a part to play.

Hopefully my boys will grow up to have families and so will have females in their lives. Be it a wife, daughters, nieces or even granddaughters. Ok, maybe I’m getting carried away here but if half the world’s population is female – it’s inevitable that they will all have women in their lives.

Then the question arises as to how I would like them to be towards women in general. I may not be able to change the world, but as a mother I CAN raise my boys with the knowledge that:

  • Women are equal to them
  • They are not above anyone and no one is above them
  • Kindness goes a long way
  • Giving is better than receiving
  • Respecting others is to respect yourself
  • Showing love and compassion is a great strength

And to remember ‘with great powers come great responsibilities’. A quote from their favorite super hero show.  Above all I am raising them to be independent and self-sufficient.

As mothers we have the super powers of:

  • Carrying and giving birth to the next generation
  • Feeding the next generation
  • Raising the next generation
  • Teaching the next generation
  • Changing the lives of the next generation
  • And above all to love and care for the next generation

It goes without saying we have the power to change the world by starting with our children. I feel privileged and blessed to be a mother, a role like no other.  If you are a mum reading this, remember there is no greater super power and no greater form of female empowerment, than being the best mother to your children.

Much love,

  • International Women's Day
  • International Women's Day

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